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What is in a NAME?

How many of you are aware of the meaning of your name? What if your name is Rizwan and somebody told you that it means the “Keeper of Heaven”. Or if your name was Rayyan and you come to know that it is one of the gates of Jannah through which the people who fast will enter. What is the meaning of Sumaiyah, Maryam or Ayesha?

For many of the amazing names you’ve heard and thought about its meaning, or searched for your name and were curious to find its meaning, you can be classified as a SELF SMART learner. Your name is not simply a title you use on a business card but it affects your personality and attitude as well.

Prophetic Guidance: Good Names

The Prophet of Allah laid great emphasis on having good names and showed considerable interest in naming people. This is not surprising because a name is often the first thing that gives an impression of a person. If you have a good name and invite others towards optimism, people feel pleased to …

Everyone is Smart

Teach the child the manner to see the world, not the way. 

Are you smart? When confronted with the question like this, usually we have two answers. Yes and No.

We either think that we are smart in everything or we are not. What if you have a different perspective this year? Questions about what kind of smartness that we all have in us? We would like to believe that we all have some kind of talent, some kind of smartness to excel in this life and hereafter, insha Allah.

Through this series, we will explore new frontiers, new parameters and new paradigm on how we can define smartness in children. A lot of times, great talent is wasted when children are not told on what area they can excel in. Imagine telling Imam Sudais that he must be a dentist! We would have lost a great scholar and a wonderful Imam.

The smartness is not about getting good grades, doing2 well on test, or memorizing things. For the past 100 years, IQ has been an indicator of how smart people are. IQ stands for Intellig…

Allah atau OrangTua


I try to write in english. Why? Because I want fluent in reading in english.InsyaAllah

Because, Islamic article in english is suitable for me.

It’s about Allah and my parents.

My parents always give what I want, if they can, they do.


I can’t repay it.

Never ever.

I always miss them because I far from them.

Than I sad and think.

I have to miss He, who created the love in my parents heart.

Something that I have the direct access to Allah is by Quran.

Life being Barokah with Quran.

When I miss my parents, I really want to see their face.

Than I think.

I have to miss His face (ALLAH), who give the loving parents to me.

In sujood, I wish that I can see His face and live in Jannah ever after life.

My parents know how to treat me.

Make me feel comfort by them. so I can tell everything what I want to tell.

Than I think.  I have to tell Allah for all of my situation. It has to more comfort.

I feel that

Oh Yaa Rabb, forgive me from my bad deed.

Aku Ingin Begini, Aku Ingin Begitu


“Dan sungguh, kami telah memudahkan Al-Quran

untuk peringatan, adakah yang mau mengambil

pelajaran?” (Al-Quran 54;17)

Peringatan, larangan, perintah

Engkau telah turunkan.

Aku ingin begini, aku ingin begitu

Ingin ingin ingin banyak sekali.

Namun, apakah yang aku inginkan itu salah?

Kebenaran telah datang,

Ya, benar. Al-Quran.

Zaman terus berubah,

Dulu anak baca majalah bobo, sekarang main gadget.

Al-Quran tak pernah berubah.

Isinya selalu sama.

Al-Quran itu petunjuk.

Benar, Al-Quran harus dibaca.

Benar, Al-Quran harus dihafal.

Benar, Al-Quran harus dipahami dengan benar.

Benar, Al-Quran harus amalkan

Menyemangati diri untuk memperbaiki bacaannya.

Sabar menghafalnya.

Sungguh, saat bersama Al-Quran,

Kita membentengi diri dari hal yang sia-sia.

Lalu masih saja menunda, padahal ini suatu kebenaran,

Kebenaran apa lagi yang dicari?

Ibarat 1 + 1 = 2.  kenapa kita harus bertanya, kenapa tidak 3,4,5?

Syaikh Ibnu 'Utsaimin rohimahullah mengatakan,

"Termasuk menzhol…